Workshops for strategic planning

You want to develop a strategic plan and identify new ways to establish an agile and flexible organisation.

We guide and collaborate with you in the strategic planning process and team building efforts.

Our workshops employ methodological approaches adapted to your goals, they are clearly structured and participative.

The approach of "liberating structures" engage all participants and is effective and efficient in reaching workshop goals.

Pricing depends on scope and goals of the project.

Training in intercultural competence

You want to improve the collaboration in multicultural teams or with clients from foreign cultures.

You are new to Switzerland and want to improve your insights into the local socioeconomic environment.

We organise short training modules or multi-day seminars for you and your organisation to improve your intercultural competence and communication skills. 

Our seminars are tailored to our clients and we address their specific interests and needs.  r


You want to address conflicts, contribute to constructive solutions and generally improve the conflict management skills of your co-workers.

We provide training to constructively handle conflict situations, within the private sector, international and non profit organisations or in administrations. 

We establish trust and support in a mediation the conflict parties to find workable solutions. 

Our work ist confidential and addresses the individual needs of our clients.